GRIEF JOURNEY: An intimately spiritual and very special conversation about DEATH, LIFE, and LOSS with PAYAL PATEL.

In the last month of mourning over the recent passing of my father, Kurt Michael Kelly, aka- THE RELIC, I have been seeking the comfort and counsel of my inner circle to help guide me on my journey. One of those special conversations was had with my good friend Payal Patel, this episodes guest. Payal is a breath of perfectly blended reality and mysticism one can only earn from the wisdom passed with grief. I naturally sought her out to have this very specific conversation with because we both share one thing in common- we have lost our Fathers to cancer and our lives have never been the same. In this episode, Payal and I share our feelings, experiences, and lessons from what has been the hardest thing we have ever experienced and the unexpected blessing and gift it was to our souls. 

Payal Patel is an Internationally renowned MAU, Reiki Practitioner in training, Life Coach, Mental Health Advocate, and dating Podcast Host (@thedatingculture). She can be found at and Her Instagram is @payalmua. No DM's y'all. Keep it professional and email. 

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